Top 10 Reasons For Online Video Counselling:

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Top ten reasons online video counselling is right for you:
1.You are living in a remote area and would like to be more anonymous
2.You live in a big city and also want to be more anonymous
3.You are usually tired after a long day and don’t feel like leaving the house
4.You suffer from depression or anxiety and the thought of going to a counsellors office terrifies you
5.You have young children and don’t feel like paying for a babysitter
6.You have mobility impairment issues
7.You don’t want to run into anyone you know at the counsellors office
8.You are more comfortable in your own home and in your own chair
9.You are comfortable with technology or are willing to learn
10.You like to be very efficient with your time and don’t want to waste any on the commute to/from your counsellors office.