Living in the Moment?

04 Jul 2014 Comments Off on Living in the Moment? , , ,

Can you appreciate your happiness without tweeting or posting about it? I sometimes wonder if the people posting pictures and updates of the best vacation or party are forgetting to live in the moment and actually enjoy themselves. We can get so preoccupied with letting everyone else know what an AMAZING time we are having that we forget to enjoy it ourselves. While it’s unclear whether this behavior is an extension of our insecurities or stems from a genuine desire to share our bliss, either way, it may be subconsciously detracting from our pleasure. What does happiness look like? For some, its about the accumulation of wonderful things; for others, it might be about experiences and connections with people. Either way, self-actualization should not hinge on how many people like or retweet your photos or posts but rather the quality of your relationships and your making the world a better place (whatever that means to you).