Finding Work-Life Balance

13 Oct 2014 Comments Off on Finding Work-Life Balance

Finding Work-Life Balance

Life is expensive, and unless you are independently wealthy, you probably have to work. Work can be stimulating, inspiring and enjoyable; however, when work crosses over into our non-working hours (constantly checking work e-mail after hours, fielding work related calls or having work related nightmares), leisure time blurs into work time.

Have you noticed your priorities shifting to work before friends, family or even yourself? Do you remember when that shift started? Is it caused by the increasing demands of your workplace or might it be your own inability to create boundaries, saying ‘no’ to a pesky colleague or boss?

Here are some tips for finding balance in your busy schedule:

1) Take your breaks. Research suggests that employees that take their breaks are more productive and effective on the job than people who don’t. Moreover, mental down time affects physical health: people who take breaks and vacation tend to get sick less than other employees. It is a win-win for both you and your employer.

2) Try and be more efficient with your time. Do you feel like you are constantly getting distracted by text messages and emails? Try and do batch processing so that you are only checking on the hour rather than every time your phone pings. Are you getting distracted by text messaging? Try and only check your mobile during breaks or lunch; it will make your time on more effective. During your time off, are you making the most of your leisure time, or are you getting bogged down with chores? It might be more cost effective to hire someone to clean your apartment once a month or have your groceries delivered than to use your precious leisure time doing things you dislike.

3) Schedule leisure activities. Whether leisure means a long weekend away with your partner, a hike after work or a lunch date with a friend, these activities will both give you something to look forward to and a chance to reset for your work ahead.

If you feel like you are never able to “turn-off” work-mode, it might be worth seeing a professional to discuss. Ask your doctor for suggestions or consider booking an online counselling or skype counselling session on