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30 Mar 2015 Comments Off on MindShift

Many people suffer from mood disorders or overwhelming feelings of depression and anxiety. Getting support from your doctor or counsellor is ideal, but apps can also be very helpful. I often recommend clients join groups or read materials to

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Situational Depression

20 Nov 2014 Comments Off on Situational Depression

More than 15% of adults will experience depression at some time in their lives. While some people suffer from chemical depression, others experience what is known as “ situational depression” related to a stressful life event. For various

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

20 Oct 2014 Comments Off on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)? There is evidence to show that by understanding the dynamic relationship between our thoughts, feelings and actions, we may be able to treat anxiety, depression, chronic pain and addictions. The basic

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Finding Work-Life Balance

13 Oct 2014 Comments Off on Finding Work-Life Balance

Finding Work-Life Balance Life is expensive, and unless you are independently wealthy, you probably have to work. Work can be stimulating, inspiring and enjoyable; however, when work crosses over into our non-working hours (constantly checking

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Understanding Symptoms of PTSD

08 Sep 2014 Comments Off on Understanding Symptoms of PTSD

Stress and Traumatic events can happen to anyone of us at anytime in our lives. How we cope with the aftermath of that experience is dependent on many different variables in our life. Some of these variables include but are not specific to: our

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Coping with Grief

11 Aug 2014 Comments Off on Coping with Grief

Coping with Grief Losing a loved one will inevitably happen at some point in our lives. It is important to know that everyone experiences grief and loss differently. There is no right or wrong way to grieve. While some people experience sorrow,

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Breaking-Up is Hard To Do

04 Aug 2014 Comments Off on Breaking-Up is Hard To Do

A wise man once said, “It's called a break-up because it's broken,” and it might be time to recognize that no matter how much you love each other, you are just not the “perfect fit.” I know many of you may be thinking that there is no such

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Top 10 Reasons For Online Video Counselling:

11 Jul 2014 Comments Off on Top 10 Reasons For Online Video Counselling:

Top ten reasons online video counselling is right for you: 1.You are living in a remote area and would like to be more anonymous 2.You live in a big city and also want to be more anonymous 3.You are usually tired after a long day and don't feel

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Living in the Moment?

04 Jul 2014 Comments Off on Living in the Moment?

Can you appreciate your happiness without tweeting or posting about it? I sometimes wonder if the people posting pictures and updates of the best vacation or party are forgetting to live in the moment and actually enjoy themselves. We can get so

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Why Social Media Make Us Feel Crappy

20 Jun 2014 Comments Off on Why Social Media Make Us Feel Crappy

I realize the irony of this post since many of you will find it through a social media site. Social media has taken keeping up with the Joneses to a whole new level. I have had countless clients and friends talk about feeling worse about

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