The Supermarket Seduction

30 May 2014 Comments Off on The Supermarket Seduction

Food definitely does not make you fat, but our relationship to food can cause challenges that overtime can hurt both or physical and mental health. One way to put ourselves in a position to make better is to make better choices at the supermarket.

Tips for Making healthy choices at the supermarket

  1. Rule number one is: never grocery shop hungry. Many well-intentioned people have been led astray along the cookie or chip isles when they are feeling like they could eat a horse. I have heard people describe grocery shopping after work or a big workout, being starving and opening a bag of chips while they shopped only to discover it empty by the time they reach check-out. Not only is this a tad embarrassing (trust me, I have been there), but you might not even have noticed or appreciated what you were putting in your mouth.
  2. Go to the store with a list. Whether this means making meal plans ahead of time or putting a list together over the week, it will encourage efficiency and better food choices. Trying to stick to the items on the list is a good check on getting unnecessary (and often unhealthy) items.
  3. Shop in the perimeter of the store. Most stores are set up with the processed food in the middle isles and the fresh fruit, whole grains, milk products and meat on the outside. If you can buy more whole grain and less refined food, you are bound to make healthier choices. There are always going to be unavoidable items, like Dijon mustard or olive oil that you need to go through the middle for, but the more you can avoid the pre-made food the better.
  4. Try and stock up on fruit and vegetables. Focus on what is in season or even frozen fruits and vegetables. Most nutritionists believe that frozen fruits and vegetables maintain their nutrients while costing far less than their fresh counterparts.
  5. Try not to get tricked by sale items. I am guilty of this one; if something is a great price, whether I need it or not, I can be tempted. Recently, I picked up a bunch of unhealthy “granola” bars because I couldn’t pass them up, only to get home and regret it. Having junk in the house usually means we are more likely to eat junk.

Making better choices at the supermarket makes us more likely to make better choices at home, but it still requires a certain level or preparation and willpower. If you are finding this to be a constant struggle, it may be worth consulting a nutritionist or addictions counsellor for support.