Situational Depression

20 Nov 2014 Comments Off on Situational Depression , , ,

More than 15% of adults will experience depression at some time in their lives. While some people suffer from chemical depression, others experience what is known as “ situational depression” related to a stressful life event. For various reasons, some are better able to cope with adverse life events than others. This situation can exist for many reasons, but one is just when we just reach our limit, and one more thing is enough to make us feel like we are going to crack. Stressful life events can come in many forms and contribute to feelings of hopelessness and being overwhelmed. Some examples of these types of events involve profound losses such as losing a job, losing a loved one or ending a relationship. While some are able to grieve and process these events, others are less able to cope and may need professional support to get through these difficult times. Other examples of events that might cause us to feel unable to cope might be major financial setbacks or moving to a new home or to another city. Additional issues such as stressful jobs or setbacks in physical health (such as chronic pain or a new diagnosis) might be too much for some people to handle on their own. People may experience depression “out of the blue” or even after good events when life seems to be going well. In all situations, it can be helpful to access both your formal and informal support networks. Informal supports such as neighbours, friends or family might have experienced these issues in the past and might have suggestions that help. Formal support could include your doctor or online counselling. Your doctor might suggest medication or might refer you to a specialist or group support program. If you feel unable to cope due to a stressful life event, please consider booking an appointment to discuss.