online counsellor

Many people suffer from mood disorders or overwhelming feelings of depression and anxiety. Getting support from your doctor or counsellor is ideal, but apps can also be very helpful. I often recommend clients join groups or read materials to supplement the work we do together, but I have also recently discovered the Mindshift App. It was developed by Anxiety BC (a non-profit organization) for teens or young adults but can be useful for people of any age. It is easy to download on your smartphone by searching for “Mindshift.” Moreover, it is free, user-friendly and private. I have found that it can be helpful for people with anxiety, depression, insomnia or even chronic pain. The “Chill Out” section can walk you through all kinds of mindfulness strategies, including relaxation or visualization exercises. This app has tons of other features: information about anxiety, a way to track stressful situations that occurred in the week and even 4-minute and 9-minute meditation and body scans.

While this app is worth a try, it does not take the place of a counsellor or helping professional. Please consider booking an appointment today on Joanneschwartz.com.